Google Ads & SEO


Google Ads allows you to create online ads that put your brand in front of potential customers searching for businesses just like yours. With Google’s massive reach, it is easier then ever to drive web traffic to your website. Using Google’s powerful tools, every user can be tracked and re-targeted in order to maximize your business’s sale potential.

With Google Ads:

- You can stay ahead of your competition

- Start advertising immediately

- Further your reach and engage new leads

- Access insightful results and track your conversions

- Control how much you spend and budget according to strategies that work


Google Analytics tracks where your leads come from, what actions they take on your site, how long they spend there and how they interact with your content. This information provides invaluable insight into the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts, influencing your future marketing decisions and website optimizations.

With Google Analytics:

- You can track the progress and effectiveness of your online marketing

- Inform future marketing efforts

- Redirect budget to where it matters 

- See which elements of your website or content need work

- Track your sales conversions  

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